Pertinent Florida Regulations: Prescribing of Phentermine


(1) To justify the use of weight loss enhancers as set forth above, the patient must have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or above, or a BMI of greater than 27 with at least one comorbidity factor, or a measurable body fat content equal to or greater than 25% of total body weight for male patients or 30% of total body weight for women. The prescription of such weight loss enhancers is not generally appropriate for children. Any time such prescriptions are made for children, the prescribing physician must obtain a written informed consent from the parent or legal guardian of the minor patient in addition to complying with the other guidelines and standards set forth in this rule. BMI is calculated by use of the formula BMI = kg/m2.

(8) Each physician who prescribes, orders, dispenses, or administers weight loss enhancers for the purpose of providing medically assisted weight loss shall provide to each patient a legible copy of the Weight-Loss Consumer Bill of Rights as set forth in Sections 501.0575(1)(a) through (e)3., F.S. The physician shall also conspicuously post said document in those rooms wherein patients are evaluated for weight loss treatment.

For further information please see The Florida Administrative Code 64B8-9.012 Standards for the Prescription of Obesity Drugs 

Full Consumer Bill of Rights will be provided at the time of your appointment.